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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TheTale of My Tat

My tattoo behind my left ear.

My monroe. Not a tat, but I love it:D

Mary, Nancy and I had made plans awhile back to all get tattoos together over winter break. We had agreed on getting tattoos in matching places because we each had a different idea of what we wanted. So that was settled. Until winter break actually came. Apparently no one saved up any money besides me... so I wasn't going to do the tattoo anymore because it was supposed to be a special thing between me and my two best friends. Luck was on our side though when Mary got her paycheck and therefore had the funds to pull through with the plan. Nancy, on the other hand, still didn't have the money so Mary and I said we'd split the cost of her tattoo so she could still get it with us. Lady luck struck again though when a lady paid Nancy to watch her birds for a week. So now we all could afford our special tats. So last week we looked up a few tattoo shops in the AV and were planning on going down to get them done sometime this week. Well, over the weekend, Nancy visited the swap meet, found some items she just could NOT pass up, and spent all her tattoo money:( So I'm super Bummed by now. This was so special to me. I really do keep to my word when I say I'm going to do something and I usually expect everyone else to keep to theirs too. I was super stoked for this tattoo, you know. So Nancy breaks the news to me but says me and Mary can still get ours if we wanted. Well I wanted. I wanted BAD. I said when she gets the money again we'll both go with her to get it. That way it's still like we did it together. The three of us. BFFs yo. Anyway, Mary and I got ours done today. We go on over to Nancy's afterward and show her. She doesn't seem to excited. I kinda just wanted her to say they looked good or cool or something. But nothing. I don't know. Is it ugly? Is she mad at me for getting it done without her? She told me that she didn't even want it behind her ear anymore(that's where we planned on getting all of our tats). It kinda makes me upset that she said that. On top of that her little sister says that its ugly to get it behind the ear. To be honest, it really hurt when they said that. This actually meant a lot more to me than just getting tattoos. It was like a marker of our friendship, which I cherish with my heart. And all Nancy was going to get was a small music note. Which, in fact, is quite cute. I've seen a few pics of people with music notes tatted behind their ear and it's freakin' cute. Not to mention that she has a new hair cut that would totally flaunt it. It just seemed like the ideal situation. I'm sorry for the long rant. I'm just....bummed I guess.


Onetrickp0ny said...

oh wow is that real?

Onetrickp0ny said...

TBH its soo cute i would get a tattoo but i'm too chicken.

Onetrickp0ny said...

And i'm too young LOL
When I am Old enough i was thinking about getting one on my wrist can you say ouch?