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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post Secret

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The only good thing that came from my room mate was introducing me to post secret. It truly is amazing some of the things people hide from everyone else, and even themselves. My R.A. set up our own little post secret wall in our hall and we each took a square of paper and anonymously wrote a secret we wanted to get off our chests. It's so interesting to read them all and try and figure out whose is whose. The thing is, you can never pinpoint exactly which one belongs to anyone. And that's why I think post secret works so well. Each secret could belong to a multitude of people, which in effect, remains a secret, even though its out in the open now. Oh the wonders of anonymity. Go write to post secret. Relieve some stress or just go read some of other people's secrets.

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Lee Jones said...

post secrets is such a nice site, checking it out really makes my day