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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Hair and Fuschia Lips

So today Mary, Nancy, her sister Daisy and I took a trip to the salon. Nancy and I got our hair cut. We went in there knowing for sure what she was going to get and not knowing at all how I would cut mine. Mine was completely random and to be honest, I didn't even care what the lady did with my hair. I just wanted all the dead stuff cut off and my bangs back. I gave her full reins of my hair. If it turned out ugly I could fix it myself. I'm quite handy with scissors. Anyway she put my hair into a bunch of ponytails and like cut it in the ponytails. It was so cool. Haha. She layered it that way and then she textured my whole head including my bangs. I love texture:D She textured the right side of my bangs really thin and there were a few longer strands of hair there so when I got home I just got cut them off and I like how the right side is shorter now. I dig the asymmetrical look. All in all, I'm very satisfied with my new hair. Who new going in the salon today I'd come out with short hair again haha:D Nancy's was more planned out and she knew exactly what she wanted. She did a drastic change and chopped off ALL her long hair and got a pixie. She has pics of it on her blog at: www.thoughtsthoughtskoo.blogspot.com


La Fée said...

cute! I love your glasses, they're such a cool colour :)

Onetrickp0ny said...

Hey you don't know me TBH but i think your hair is soo nice short.
If i cut mine i'd look like a pinhead. The fuscia lip colour is soo nice. x