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Monday, January 5, 2009

I tried to curl it...

I was pleased with my hair.... for one day. Now I don't really like it at all because it looks horrid unless it's straightened. I didn't want a cut that I would be forced to straighten everyday because I've become increasingly lazy with my hair since I started college. There just isn't time to make it look all cute anymore. And since I can't leave my hair in it's natural texture, I thought I'd try curling it. It kind of worked if you look at the webcam pics (which by the way, I'm sorry are so shitty) but I believe the webcam actually makes my hair look better than it actually is. I tried to take a picture with my actual camera and the only one that came out is this one. I'm seriously considering cutting my own hair to make it work better with my natural texture. Oh yah, my bangs are hopeless, but usually those are the least of my worries. If need be I'll just cut them really short to match the right side and move on. They usually grow faster than the rest of my hair anyway. Haha sorry for the rant. It's just been bugging me.


Onetrickp0ny said...
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Onetrickp0ny said...

I like the curls
and thanks for being my only follower (: ♥