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Friday, January 9, 2009


Jeez, where to begin. Today Nancy had her orientation at the Art Institute of California, Hollywood and I went with her. This is what I wore. And let me tell you, as comfy as my Steve Madden ankle boots are, they're not meant for trekking to and around the Metrolink station. My dress is an old long skirt my sister had handed down to me a while back. It looks horrendous all long and mermaid like, so I usually wear hike it up and wear it as a short dress. I mean, come one! The print is to die for floral. I've had my leopardprint leggings since I was 15 or something like that. I love them to death. I hope I never have to part with them. The black blazer with big, metal buttons, is also a hand me down from my sister. I should thank her someday for the wonderful clothes she bestowed upon me:D My gold locket and charm necklace is a cheap little knick-knack from Forever 21. My hair is twisted back on the left side and pulled into a twisted pony at the nape of my neck on the right side. I did this so the innocent people at the Art Institute would see it:P I have to admit, I really liked it there, and I don't even go there! Now I kinda wish I did. If only they offered my major:( I'm an art major, by the way, with an emphasis in painting and printmaking. I would much prefer to be a drawing major but, unfortunately, my school doesn't offer that emphasis:( Maybe someday I'll post some of my art. Till then enjoy this little description of our day in Hollywood.

I'm going to try and make this short and simple. This is how the day went:
Woke up at 5:30. Got ready and left at 7:10ish.
Got to Hollywood at 9:30. Just in time for orientation to start.
Sat through a bunch of boring orientation stuff.
Ate, more like scarfed down, lunch.
Sat through some more boring orientation stuff.
Ran around the building's 6th,7th, and 10th floors trying to fix Nancy's schedule, get her i.d. pic taken, get her fees paid, and get her enormous, gigantic, ridiculously heavy and expensive supply kit.
Left at around 5 oclock to catch the Metro off Normandie and Wilshire.
Got to Union Station.
Freaked our cuz we didn't know where we were going.
Got some help from a nice officer lady. Went on our way, and got even more confused.
Finally found the ticket booth for the metrolink, bought our tickets, feet killing us.
Lugged our heavy ass shit up to the stairs to the platform. Sat on some dirty slab of cement, exhausted.
Waited for our train that leaves at 6:30.
At around 6 a train with a sign that says Lancaster on it arrives and I asked if that was ours, since it was going to Lancaster, and Nancy says no, that's Amtrak. We need metrolink. And I believe.
We sit there in the freakin cold for 15 more minutes and then it hits me. Dude, that's our train!
We get on it and go home. Get off at Lancaster, it's HELLA cold out and my skirt's flying up. We can't find Mary so I call her and she finds us.
I run to the car and jump in the nice warm seat and let them two put the junk in the trunk:D hahahah That's my day!


Onetrickp0ny said...

I'm basically in love with your boots

La Fée said...

I love the pattern on your dress/skirt!