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Friday, December 26, 2008

50 random things you probably didn't know about me... until NOW

1. I have a deathly fear of vomiting. No lie. Just ask Tiana.

2. I cry when I watch people get hurt. Physically hurt.

3. I dream of being the little mermaid.

4. I am musically retarded.

5. I proudly admit I'm a Twilight fanatic.

6. I have thousands of pictures.

7. Dyeing my hair is an unhealthy obsession that will most likely leave me bald at a young age.

8. I like the smell of my moms money.

9. I see everything from an artist's perspective.

10. When I was little I was playing horsey with my brother and I told him to go faster and I slid off his back and hit my head on the corner of the wall and cracked my head open. I hope my brother doesn't still feel bad about that.

11. I am ADDICTED and I mean ADDICTED to carmex. I CANNOT live without it. I swear they put heroin in it or something.

12. I love leopards and leopard print.

13. Art is my number one love.

14. Acting takes a close second.

15. I give killer massages.

16. My favorite color is cerulean.

17. I miss playing soccer.

18. My left foot is fatter than my right foot.

19. I like fashion.

20. I like to dress up my friends.

21. Don't let me touch your closet because I will look through all your clothes and start making outfits and make you try them all on.

22. I say "fool" a lot.

23. I LOATHE it when people say "fail" and "epic fail". It makes me want to smack you multiple times.

24. Don't touch me with your nasty feet!

25. I'm sad to say that I miss the desert sometimes.

26.) I freakin' LOVE olives. I'm an olive LOVER!!!!!

27.) My nose tells me if the weather is too cold outside and if I should put warmer clothes and mittens on because it instantly turns like 30 degrees colder than the rest of my body:D

28.) Breasts are my least favorite part of human anatomy.

29.) I feel like I speak all Philosophically certain times of the month.

30.) If I want something done right and done a certain way I'll do it myself.

31.) I get super paranoid and antsy and anxious when I'm by myself. I can't stand being alone, especially if there's silence involved.

32.) I have many fears. One of which is of rats. I once had a nightmare that there were thousands of rats crawling all over me in my sleep and I couldn't scream or do anything to get them off me. I literally felt their little teeth gnawing on my flesh, eating me alive. I hate rats.

33.) I've figured out hard math problems in my sleep before.

34.) I'm overly analytical and I read into things too much sometimes. But during this process is when I find out most things about people.

35.) History is my worst subject.

36.) People perceive me as quiet and submissive, but I'm not like that at ALL. I just don't feel the need waste precious words on imbeciles. I am actually quite loud and opinionated.

37.) My damn rain boots don't keep water out.

38.) I'm really conceited.

39) The international food aisle in the supermarket is my favorite aisle:D

40.) I'm thinking about actually staying in my major if art painting and printmaking. Although I am still a little apprehensive about the printmaking part.

41.) I need to travel. It's not a want, a NEED!

42.) I want a dog so damn bad, if I see another cute, well trained, lovable dog while I'm walking about I'll go ballistic and probably steal it and hide it in my dorm. Quit teasing me ahhh!!

43.) Facebook actually confuses the shit out of me.

44.) I'm more of a myspace girl myself. :D hahaha

45.) I like to con my brother into buying me stuff. I call it payback from when we were little and he would trick me into doing things for him by offering me a "reward" afterward. There was never no freakin' reward, you jerk!!! But it's ok:D I'm getting my payback:P he he he, iPod touch please, Ioannis:D

46.) I like reading too much. I love being lost in a fantasy world all day.

47.) I love the apple with the fetuses in the center for seeds symbol from Fringe!

48.) Tiana and I were really upset when we found out that Gossip Girl doesn't come back till January 5th. She took it harder than me though.

49.) I'm addicted to coffee now. and I can't believe Starbucks discontinued their pumpkin spice lattes!!!!

50.) I think it's funny when people think I'M the freak.

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