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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I know this is a bit belated but I totally forgot to post a blog about Thanksgiving. I went home, yay! Saw my besties Mary and Nancy. On Thanksgiving night we saw Twilight together, and I must say, Robert Pattinson is one freakin' hot vampire. Like too hot. I want him hahaha ok here's what we wore.. well me and Nancy. Mary didn't dress up. She doesn't share our love for fashion. Not YET.:D hehe

Also I forgot to write about my beloved Mary's 18th birthday. We went downtown to a Fumari's, a Hookah bar, and we were going to go to a club called Static Lounge in downtown San Diego, but we ended up just going to In n Out afterward and chilling in my dorm room because her cousin who was supposed to tell us how to get there couldn't remember for the life of her where it was. That was dumb, but I had a great time with my bestie, Mary. And hell, the Hookah was good haha never thought I'd say that:D

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