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I'm an art student at San Diego State University. For the most part I'm all about the art. But fashion is springing up on me like wildflowers! I've become obsessed lately.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Going through a tights frenzy

Lately I have been really obsessed with tights. I love them footed, footless, opaque, knitted, colorful, lace, stirrup, you name it. I bought some dark green, almost teal, tights today and I was a bit worried they weren't going to fit because I bought them at F21 and I'm a bigger girl, so the clothes there don't exactly fit all the time. Anyway, I told my friend Nancy that if they didn't fit me I would just give them to her because she looks fantastic in tights and she's way thinner than me so they would for sure fit. So my money wouldn't be wasted. Well they fit. Good too. Sorry Nancy, I'll get you your own:D I was so happy, I took pictures:D(see left) I also bought this leopard print shirt for like 13 bucks so I was super stoked. Today turned out to be a good day. Even my RWS professor canceled class this morning. Yay!

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