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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh the uncertainty.

I'm debating whether or not I want to make this strictly a fashion blog or a personal journal type blog, or a mix of the both. As of now I think I'm leaning more towards the mix of the both option. Mainly because at this particular moment I don't have half of my wardrobe. Silly me. I left all my GOOD clothes back home when I moved into my dorm for college. All I brought with me are jeans and t-shirts. I didn't even bring a SINGLE pair of heels. I have no idea where my head was. Why didn't I bring heels?! My forgetfulness has lead me to have major shoe withdrawals and now I've been craving a shopping spree. Problem is the lack of money and transportation. I get it, I can take the trolley, blah blah, but I don't know my way around this place yet and it seems that everytime I make plans to go shopping with someone their plans change so it keeps getting delayed.
Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't be spending money; that I should be saving it instead. If that's the case then why am I craving spending money so bad?! ahhh!! It's torture!!! And it doesn't help that I'm talking about it right now, reminding myself about it. So I'll elaborate about what I REALLY want.
I'm craving some freaking hot ass heels man.
You have no idea.
I'm thinking a stacked heel right now. something really high.
I am also in major need of a good bag. My totes aren't going to cut it anymore. I need a more sophisticated bag to represent my new self that I am trying to portray to others. You see, my friend Nancy and I have made personal goals to reinvent ourselves through our wardrobes. If we can say who we are by the clothes we wear, then we have truly found ourselves. Through fashion of course.
We want people to take notice of us being adults now. She wants to look more grown up so people will respect her more, and I want people to stop looking at my chest and think that's all there is to me. So I'm thinking I want a mix of sophisticated sexy, not TOO sexy, more classy, but still edgy to show off my personality. I don't know how I'm going to do this yet, but I figure that over time, everything will all pan out and figure itself out in the end.
For now I'm starting off slow. Over Thanksgiving break I'll bring back the rest of my clothes and shoes I left behind and hopefully work from there. I can go on and on forever, but it's quite late and I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow, so I'll continue this post later.

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