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Monday, November 8, 2010


There are only a few things that I let really get to me. I try to not be too critical of myself at times, because we all know we are our own worst critics, but I absolutely cannot stand when I put so much sweat, blood, and tears into something only to have SOMEONE ELSE come in and grade it harshly or say that it's not ENOUGH. And yes I am talking mainly in school right now. Sure, life isn't all fine and dandy and there are assholes out there who like to put people's hard work down, but I don't stand for that injustice. Art is very subjective. It comes off different to everyone. But art in schools, especially in contemporary times, can only be graded in terms of personal effort and work with the media. And nothing hurts more than seeing a piece that someone else did that you helped formulate the final idea and composition for get an outstanding mark when your own piece seems to fall short for "some unknown reason." I feel like all my efforts were in complete and total vain. What's even the point of trying?

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