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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Before people just go assuming I'm some measly witch, think again! AHA! I was Elphaba from Wicked for Halloween! :D She's one of my favorite characters so I couldn't help recreating her for that once a year holiday. That wasn't my only costume though. On Friday I was self proclaimed "Hot Mess" Barbie. Check it out:

I did my friend up as "Scene" Barbie:

Another one of my friends was King Tut. Here's a pic of all three of us. The full length one is kind of a bad picture but it's the only one I have so I just have to deal :/

One last photo of my friend's second costume: Zombie with a severed head. I loved this thing. It was fantastic.

WAIT!!! I lied!!! I have one more picture: "The Aftermath" Wigs get itchy, you and your friends are drunk. Switch things up a bit. Yay!

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